Sydney Clay target Club Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I need to do to become a clay target shooter with SCTC (Sydney Clay Target Club)?


  1. You will need a shooting licence.
  2. Firearms handling test.

These tests can be done through our qualified testing Officers:

Chris Davenport:

  • Range approval officer.
  • Approved police licensed Examining Officer Lic No. 2569.
  • Trap & Skeet Referee Examining Officer.

Michael Chryss:

  • Firearms Testing Officer.

Question: Is Clay Target Shooting a safe sport?

Answer: Yes Clay Target Shooting is very safe, comprehensive safety rules are displayed & strictly applied

Question: Can I come out to the Club and try shooting to see if I like it?

Answer: Yes you can come and shoot as a visitor under instruction by our officers.

We also offer “Corporate Shooting Days” in groups of 20 people.

Legislation has been changed which allows the SCTC to approve people that will enable them to participate. All that is required is the necessary forms to be filled in on the day (P650 NSW Firearms registry).

Question: Do I need a gun as a new member or visitor?

Answer: No, there are “Club Guns” for use and ammunition available on shooting days.

Question: What personal equipment do I need to shoot?

Answer: It is desirable that you have:

  • Eye Protection: i.e. comfortable glasses, they can be tinted or clear (personal choice)
  • Hearing Protection: This can be Ear Muff (headband style) or ear plugs of varying design.
  • Dress: Comfortable clothing (no singlets) and closed shoes or good supporting footwear.
  • Hat or cap for sun protection.

Question: Is clay target shooting well controlled and regulated?

Answer: Yes clay target shooting is regulated by the national organisation (ACTA) and controlled by the state body its zones and individual clubs.

Question: I feel very nervous about starting to shoot.

Answer: It understandable that everybody is apprehensive at the start, but our coaches will be standing alongside you until feel confident.

Question: Am I covered by insurance?

Answer: Yes, there is for injury whilst on the grounds.

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